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Could have been exposed 8 years ago

I am worried that I could have been exposed to HIV 8 years ago, I have taken 1 -test (bioSure HIV self test) 2 days ago, test result it’s-NEGATIVE. I can trust this result??? or i need do one more test/go to a doctor? My concern is that result possible false negative, is that possible seeing as my encounter was 8 years ago?

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 Work on 21st November 2021

NOTE FROM PEBL FEEDBACK - Hi Kija, we think someone will answer your question soon. Almost all questions on this forum get answered after a while. We at PEBL are not medical or HIV experts, but we think that it is very unlikely indeed that you are HIV positive. Try not to worry too much, we are sure that someone with more professional knowledge than us will answer your question soon. Your original question was posted in this thread :-    So you should check that page too.   With best wishes from PEBL FEEDBACK

 Used on 20th November 2021

Please can anyone answer my question? I am very worried, I cannot get out of this situation and I am very nervous

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