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Anxiety grows

Hi. I have found this thread and my anxiety grows. :

Hi Smallvoice Thanks for your comments and sorry that your test didn’t work as you expected. I really do appreciate your point of view and I do understand how traumatic a false positive result can be for some people. And it’s true that I am a director of BioSure and I hope that this helps to underline how seriously the company views its obligations. We also do err on the size of caution when it comes to the advising people on how to interpret their test results, we require all test lines, no matter how weak the line, to be read as a positive result. This increases the likelihood of a false negative result.

May be I don’t understand – but last sentence is about increasing false negative. Please respond honestly as I’m going out of my mind about my result. So how is it possible that “false positive” interpretation increasing false negative ? How it looks in your assessing accuracy ?

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 20th October 2020

Hi Jo, I believe that Gary was trying to make the point that any line should be read as a line. No matter how faint the line, if someone was to misinterpret their result - the chance of a false negative result would be higher. This comment is part of a much longer thread and is taken out of context slightly. Essentially, any line should be read as a line. I hope this makes sense. Becky

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