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I've taken 13 tests since the possible exposure

I’ve taken 13 tests since the possible exposure I had and after some worrying symptoms, tthey’ve all been negative but I just can’t get past the worry that I still think I could be positive even after so many tests. After reading all the reviews and comments on here I’m maybe closer to accepting the fact that maybe I am definitely negative.

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 Used on 14th September 2015

Thanks for your feedback, our HIV self test is proven to be extremely accurate and after this many tests you really can rely on your result (assuming they have been performed at least 3 months after exposure) But as this is a test you do yourself, without external support it may, not be giving you emotional closure. It might be worth considering talking with a specialist HIV organisation as they will be able to offer advice and support, or visiting a local sexual health clinic, where they will be able to give you an alternative test and hopefully put your mind at rest. Take care

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