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Worried lady



I've put myself at high risk

Can someone please help me? I’ve put myself at high risk with a guy that had unprotected anal intercourse with me, Now I am worried. It happened in 2017 and after he left in July last Year. I went in August 2017 to the clinic for rapid screening, And then again in November 2017. I went again to a clinic and all 3 results were negative. Then in 2018 between July and August I did another test with Bio Sure and I-test HIV self testing and both were negative. But I am still worried I have no symptoms but this is a concerning matter to me. And I really worries if the rapid testing are accurate what should I do?

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Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd
 Work on 18th September 2018

Hi Worried lady. I would say that after the number of tests you have completed that you do not have HIV. The chances of all 5 tests being false negatives is virtually impossible. My advice is to put the incident behind you. Have a lovely day. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

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