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I've made some pretty bad choices

I used to work in the field of HIV, and as a gay man i’ve made some pretty bad choices in terms of sexual activity so it seems all the more weird that i’d never taken an HIV test until now…. i definitely had a ‘head in the sand’ approach.
this home test allowed me privacy and very high accuracy in discovering my status. i decided to test after seeing a recent tv programme about testing accuracy and treatments, and also about PrEP: things have changed a lot and i felt that now was the time to find out what my situation is so that i can be more proactive with future choices.
half an hour ago i thought on the balance of things, and with my history that i was probably HIV positive: turns out i’m not.
be brave, it’s worth it. i know myself pretty well, so it’s important i get onto a PrEP programme now, but had the result been otherwise i would have sought the correct treatment and stuck to it… i guess it was just the right time for me to take some control back!

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Brigette, BioSure
 Work on 20th June 2017

Big Pete, thank you so much for your story. It is so absolutely true you are so much better off to know your status. Even with a positive result it's so important everyone knows that HIV is treatable. ART's are amazing and mean the virus can be supressed to an undetectable level which means your own immune system is protected and as importantly the virus cannot be transmitted. By sticking with the treatment programme you can live a long, healthy life, protecting your own and future partner's health. Empowered choices are the way forward. Thanks again

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