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It takes courage to do the test alone.

The last time I tested for HIV was late 2013 and after that I was exposed to the virus. Although my then partner assured me that he had recently been tested, the thought of being infected scared me to death. I made efforts to visit the sexual health clinic but sadly I couldn’t get tested because I didn’t have any symptoms (I hope the clinic realizes the danger in turning people away).
I did not try the clinic again after the staff suggested I see my GP or book an appointment. I started looking into the possibility of getting a self test and was over the moon when I read an article about the BioSure HIV Self Test Kit going on sale in the UK. I ordered the kit and suddenly it dawned on me that this could be a life changing moment for me.
I became worried about someone finding out but true to the company’s words, the kit arrived in a clear packaging, my bank statement did not reveal the company name so I felt safe. I carefully read the instructions and proceeded with the test knowing that my life now depended on those 15 minutes. I spoke to my sister over the phone and she reassured me that I was going to be alright. After 15 minutes, my result returned negative and I knew I had been very lucky.
It takes a lot of courage to do the test and knowing your status is the first step to saving the world.

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 Used on 13th October 2015

Thank you for your blog, it is such a powerful story. We really try and encourage people to consider in advance of testing, how they will feel about their result and discuss with a friend or family member if that is appropriate for them. Hopefully you'll know from our own blogs how passionate we are about normalising the conversation around HIV and we hope we can play a role in getting people to know their status and stopping onward transmissions and late diagnosis. Thanks again

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