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Anxious Ruth



Is result valid?

I have used the test kit and just wanted some advice regarding how valid my negative result is. After a possible exposure 18 months ago, I finally plucked up the courage to use the biosure testing kit. I have used laboratory based saliva tests before and received a negative result from that. I do however suffer from anxiety disorder and have been very worried about my hiv status for a long time and it is something that has caused me a lot of emotional distress. After using the test, I had one very strong control line which I read as being a negative result. My concern is how valid that negative result is. My concerns are due to the fact that firstly I only managed a very small amount of blood for a sample. Secondly, I didn’t realise that my test wasn’t pushed down fully into the buffer pot for almost 15 minutes. When I saw that nothing had happened with my test, I realised that I hadn’t pushed the test far enough into the buffer pot. So I pushed the test properly into the buffer solution upon realising my mistake but as I done so, my test slipped out off my hand, a lot of the buffer solution spilled and the test got a good shaking around until I got it placed on my dressing table again to await a result. I did notice at this point that my test has started running, the sample had started to move up through the test and a strong and solid control had appeared fairly quickly as soon as the buffer pot was attached properly. During the 15 minutes that I waited for a final result, I noticed some slight pink colour at one edge of the test line which concerned me at first. Just to clarify, it was not on the actual line but at the outside edge. It seemed to wash away/disappear after a few minutes but it scared me at first. After 15 minutes, I had only one strong red and solid control line. No other lines. I believe this to be a negative result. However I am still afraid to believe it because of the mistakes I made during testing. The fact that my blood sample was small as I barely managed to prick myself due to my anxiety. The fact that I didn’t notice my test not running for almost 15 minutes and then I pushed the test into the buffer. The fact that the test was dropped, spilling buffer solution and shaking the test. I don’t know if any of these things would cause my result not to be valid. I’m hoping that my negative result was a true and valid result and that my negative status is conclusive due to the time that has passed since my exposure and the fact that only a strong solid control line could be seen after the test was complete. can you please help ease my anxiety or should I be worried?

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Anxious Ruth
 Used on 14th March 2019

Thank you so much for helping reassure me that my result is valid and giving me peace of mind to trust my negative result

Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd
 Work on 12th March 2019

Hi Anxious Ruth. This is a valid result, the test line can only appear if enough blood has been used and the test has run correctly. This is there to allow the user to know their test has worked. A positive line can only appear in an exact place. The pink colour on the strip is simply migration of the blood sample and buffer solution. This is normal and nothing to worry about. I hope this has helped put your mind at rest. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

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