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Is muscle twitching a symptom?

Hello I used your biosure self test kit at 89 days and got a negative result. Since then i am getting so many ulcers in my mouth all the time they’ve been reoccurring for a couple of months. As well as this my muscles have been twitching all over my body all day for about 3 months is this due to hiv. Is muscle twitching a symptom of hiv? I’ve been really stressed and not sleeping well for a few months and been really anxious but I’ve never had these two problems before this exposure encounter.

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 30th June 2020

Hi Anxious55, Muscle twitching is a symptom of HIV but is not very common and alone does not indicate HIV infection. The fact that you have not been sleeping very well recently may have something to do with the twitching you are experiencing in your muscles. Furthermore, a negative result using our test at 89 days is accurate and conclusive. From your description of symptoms, I do not believe that these are related to HIV but if they persist I would recommend to contact your GP to find out what else they could be related to. I hope this helps to put your mind at rest. Kindest regards, Becky

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