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Insecure about the result

I took a home test for HIV 2 years after the minimal yet possible exposure. However I made a mistake: I first disinfected my finger with a isopropyl alcohol wipe and then cleaned the first drop with it. The result was negative because a dark control line appeared very quickly and stayed there. However I noticed afterwards that a very fainted line appeared slightly higher the control line. Should I worry?

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 18th September 2020

Hi worry002, Although you do not need to disinfect your finger/hand before using our test, wiping your finger with alcohol wipes will have no affect on your test result. You should also never read your result 1 hour after performing your test. As long as you received the single control line and that was the only line visible at the 15 minutes then your test has worked properly and your result is reliable. I hope this helps. Kindest regards, Becky

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