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If your scared ask a family member to be with you!

I’m 24 and I have a slight problem going to a clinic when going through a health scare, my phobia is walking in negative and coming out positive as then I’d feel like my world has come crashing down on me and I’ve walked out a different person! So with home testing kits, I like the idea of knowing before I go to a clinic because then I can walk in to a clinic with my head clear instead of the other way round with so many thoughts running through my head. I come from a close but open family! So they was accepting of me, (they knew I was gay but was waiting for me to confirm it) my mum cried when I told her because she was happy that I was finally coming to terms with who I am! Being from different era’s I feel like I have to keep reminding my parents that HIV is not what it was back when they was young and that I can live a long and healthy life and ‘not drop down flys’ so I ordered a HIV home testing kit, and like I said I have a close family so I asked my mum for help with it – she agreed! Now me being me thought you push down on the red bit on the lancet and the needle comes out the other side! So as I’m awaiting the needle, my mum pushes her finger on the red bit and I hear the click sound followed by ‘ouch’ as I’ve looked my mums finger has blood (so yeah, red bit goes on the finger of those that the test is for) so I thought well I’m not wasting a kit so I ended up testing my mum while crying with tears while waiting for the results and my mums result is: Negative! So I’m currently awaiting another kit! So if your like me, you want to know your results before you go clinic to prepare yourself for the outcome, get a HIV test kit from biosure and if your scared ask a family member to be with you! Even if it’s just someone to have a chat with while awaiting the results.

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 Work on 08th October 2015

Thank you so much for your feedback and your story, I think it will really help people think about how they will feel before they do the test. We always try and advise people to think about how they will feel about the outcome of their test - whether negative or positive - before they do their test and speaking with someone before hand or having someone with you is really helpful to some people. Also your understanding about how treatable HIV now is fantastic. If someone does have HIV, all guidelines now say to start treatment as soon as possible. This can suppress the virus to undetectable levels meaning they can live a normal and healthy life. But you have to know if you have it - and the only way to do that is to test Thanks again and keep the message going - HIV is 3 letters #notasentence

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