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low-risk doesn't mean no-risk

I’m a 37 year old hetero white British female who has had unprotected vaginal sex. I was very promiscuous until a few years ago, but now older and wiser I wanted to rule out any possibility of having acquired HIV. I may be from a low-risk group, but low-risk doesn’t mean no-risk.

The test was incredibly simple to use. My result was negative. It is a matter of years rather than months since I had unprotected sex so I know I can rely on the results and won’t have to retest.

I wish these were sold in pharmacies; can you imagine how destigmatising it would be to have self tests available over the counter – no one worries about buying condoms any more so why should we worry about purchasing a test to confirm our HIV status?

I’d also like to thank the BioSure representative who posts replies on this page – when I ordered my test I read each and every post here and was greatly reassured by the quick responses and professional yet caring attitude displayed. It took away any doubts I had about using the test.

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