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I was always so scared to get tested

I highly recommend the Biosure test. I have just completed mine in the privacy of my own home, with a large glass of wine. Like most people I have had unprotected sex, with more than one partner, some I would consider afterwards to possibly be high risk, which I panicked about afterwards. I’ve worried about HIV for a long time, it’s the not knowing which really gets to you, but I was always so scared to get tested, so put it to the back of my mind. What really made me buy this test was a programme recently on TV called “The truth about HIV”. These days you are better knowing than not because the treatment is so amazing. So I plucked up the courage to order Biosure online and took the test this evening. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous, my heart was beating so hard and I couldn’t stop shaking. However it’s so quick and easy to use. As I waited the 15 minutes for the result I watched TV and poured myself another wine! I was very relieved to find the result was negative. However, if it’s positive, like they say, HIV is 3 letters and not a sentence. #knowyourstatus.

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