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I know I need to get tested

So this is my story. I have been so scared lately over the fact that I think I have been infected with HIV. I met a guy online and we had unprotected oral and protected anal with me as the receptive partner. He had told me that he gets tested every six months and had just recently been tested and was negative for all STDs. 6 days after we hooked up I came down with a bad sore throat with canker sores in the back of my mouth and swollen tonsils. I did not have a fever at all. I immediately turned to google to find out what could possibly be causing these symptoms and the first thing that popped up was HIV. Now, as u can imagine I am freaking out. I contacted this guy again to make sure he was negative and he swears he is. He even went and got tested again and emailed me his results. The problem is my mind doesn’t want to believe the results are true or maybe he sent me someone else’s results. He seams like a very sincere person and I want to believe him, I just can’t make my brain grasp that he is being truthful. I know I need to get tested but it’s only been 4 weeks.

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Brigette @BioSure
 Used on 03rd August 2017

Dear HIV Scare, it would be very unusual to show any signs of HIV as early as 6 days after exposure. The symptoms that can be experienced after infection are due to seroconversion, which is when your body makes antibodies and generally this happens after about 4 weeks, but everyone is different. It is probably a good idea if you visit a local clinic as some have HIV tests that can detect early infection, but this is not all clinics so do ask. Our BioSURE HIV Self Test works by looking for antibodies to HIV, not the actual virus itself and because everyone produces these at different times we have to say wait for 3 months as by this time everybody will have seroconverted. Please try not to be too anxious, you are aware that you need to know your status and this is the most important fact. HIV is a treatable, manageable condition, so even if a person does contract it, if they know their status early and are on treatment, they can live a long, healthy life and never pass the virus on. I really hope this helps alleviate some of your fears.

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