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I have had a fourth generation test

Hi I have had a fourth generation test at an NHS hospital at four weeks which was negative and done Biosure at six weeks – negative.  Just waiting for 12 week one, but this taking over my life at present worrying and google.

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Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 06th February 2020

Hi Nicko, Okay that sounds wise. There is not much difference in accuracy between the tests carried out at the clinics and our self-test. However there is always a potential for human error using a self-test as the user is not trained. And although we offer extensive instructions and support, there is no way to completely eliminate human error. The difference in window period means that a fourth generation test can detect a result sooner than a self-test due to antibody production. You have taken the right steps in testing at 6 weeks using our test. Getting a negative result using a fourth generation test is likely to be conclusive, but if you want to be certain it is suggested that you retest at 12 weeks. Kindest regards, Becky, BioSURE UK LTD

 Used on 05th February 2020

Thank you for the response, the fourth generation test blood from the arm I had first as I heard it more accurate and then followed up Biosure

Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 04th February 2020

Hi Nicko, I believe the best thing to do in your situation would be to visit a GUM clinic to get tested. Your result at 4 weeks using a fourth generation test should have been conclusive, however I cannot comment on the result obtained using a test different from BioSure. Fourth generation tests look for antibodies and antigens to the virus, therefore being able to detect any result much sooner. But since the BioSure test only looks for antibodies, the 12 week window period may not be suitable for those who are often anxious. Self-testing isn't for everyone. If you are increasingly worried about your status, I would recommend to visit a sexual health clinic to get your result sooner and put your mind at rest. Although, a negative result at 6 weeks using our test is very good indication of a negative status. Kindest regards, Becky, BioSURE UK LTD

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