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I have been worried

I have been worried about getting tested for a long time, knowing i may have put myself at risk. i was too scared to go to a clinic. the test came from amazon super quick, i awaited less than 24 hrs to pluck up the courage and getting myself ready for a result nobody wants. in the end the worry was for nothing, i haven’t actually put myself at that much risk, obviously I’m pleased with the result, and will now continue to stay safe and test myself more regularly. thank you for this self-test option:)

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Brigette - BioSure
 Used on 17th May 2018

Hi Spacecadet, that is really great and thank you for saying thank you! We are passionate about helping people feel in control of how they choose to test and making them feel powerful in their future choices. We genuinely appreciate your feedback. My best, Brigette

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