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I did sex with a woman

I did sex with a woman and i know the status as well she don’t have HIV and i used protection as well. But i just had doubt fingered in her anal and my finger was little bit scratch. So is there any chances to get infected?

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Testing the test
 on 02nd March 2021

So in my paranoia I went and had my blood draw for labs, because frankly I have a lot of severe symptoms that have persisted and even worsened since I took my first test. So in two weeks(ish) I will find out how truly accurate the BioSure HIV Self Test really is. I am ashamed to say I have take 4 tests now. One at 13 weeks, 15 weeks, 16 weeks, and 18 weeks (today). I had my blood drawn earlier today, then took the test about 30 min later. The result, as with the previous three, was negative. This time I kept the test for an hour. I must say, after 40 minutes the test starts looking weird, and never was there a solid second (positive) line. However there was some blood sticking by the edge on one side where the positive line might be? That was very distressing. At any rate, there has always been a pronounced test line (meaning I ran the test correctly) and it has always showed up right away (about 3 min). So BioSure - we shall see. I will back on here once I get my official results.
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I did sex with a woman
 on 26th March 2020

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Great! The test kit arrived really quickly
 on 24th May 2015

Great! The test kit arrived really quickly and was perfect for discreet use and peace of mind. My only thought would be that as lovely as all the packaging was, it seems a little wasteful, particularly if you were testing yourself regularly. I appreciate that the contents need to stay safe in shipping and you need a solid surface to stand the test up in, but the materials used seemed very fancy for something that is essentially a disposable test.
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Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 26th March 2020

Hi Tester, If both partners know their status and are HIV negative, then there is no chance of HIV transmission. Theoretically, there is a possibility that if either of you were HIV positive, and you inserted your finger into her anally, with an open wound on your finger then there may be a chance of transmission but this would be an incredibly low risk. Given that, you say she did not have HIV, then again there would be no chance of any transmission. Kindest regards, Becky, BioSURE UK LTD

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