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Hello I have just tested negative 3 months (91 days to be precise) after a risky exposure. I have just developed a red rash all over my chest and legs it looks exactly like the serconversion rash. Do I Retest as I don’t know what else it could be to do with I have never had a rash before in my life. There was no fever before the rash came. My question is if there was no fever without the present of a fever can you develop the serconversion rash or do you have to have a fever in order for the rash to follow.
If you could clarify that. Kind regards.

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Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 22nd June 2020

Hi Nowscared, The fact that you have tested negative outside of the window period would indicate that you are in fact HIV negative and your result is conclusive, you do not need to retest. Seroconversion usually occurs 1-3 weeks after initial infection so it is very likely that the rash you are experiencing is totally unrelated to HIV. Additionally, a rash from HIV infection only occurs in around a third of HIV positive individuals and fever is a commoner symptom but I would possibly recommend to speak to your GP if the rash persists. I hope this information helps Kindest regards, Becky

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