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HIV testing and scared please help!!

Hello I’m going to get right to the point. After a possible exposure to HIV I was tested multiples times. This is my story and I’m going to be as specific as I can be. So the exact day was October 12, but I know for sure that the sexual activity was in the am so it was passed 12am making it October 13th, 2019. That night I performed oral sex and unfortunately that night there was minimal penetration of unprotected anal sex. To be exact the tip of the head was a little inserted then he thrusted a little putting the tip halfway and I immediately got off because it was uncomfortable. I’m beyond afraid because that part was unprotected. We stopped and just continued to perform oral and kiss. That night nobody finished and it ended shortly. He left and we ended up not talking after a few weeks. It never dawned on me too get tested until about a month later after the experience I saw that I developed a hemorrhoid (that went away after applying preparation H). It was my first time ever and I trusted someone who said that they were negative and him professing that he would never lie about that. The thought of having something popped in my head and I started testing. At 5 weeks I was tested with the 4th generation test and it was negative, following that test I was tested at 8 weeks with the same test and it was negative as well. The 9th week from possible exposure I was tested for other STD’s and received an anal swab, which came back negative also. During that visit they performed a rapid test for HIV and it came back negative. At 12 weeks I took another 4th generation test again and received a negative. On the 13th week I was tested with a rapid test and it came out negative. That week the person I was with tested negative, but I’m not sure if that was really him that went to get the test done and I just feel as if he’s lying. He sent the results but I’m still unsure, during that time I found out that he lied about not being with someone since he was 14, so if he lied about those little details, I’m sure he would be lying about more important things like his STATUS!  On the 15th week from possible exposure I was tested again with a rapid test and it was negative. But with this situation it was na unopened kit but I’m afraid that maybe the testing kit was messed with by the HIV Counselor, anyways that test came back negative. On week 16 I was tested with a 4th generation lab test to ensure the 15th week result and it came back negative. I’m still scared that I may have it. Since October to now I’ve been a complete wreck. I’ve lost a ton of weight I’m anxious all the time and I feel like I may have something constantly. I’m beyond nervous that he’s lying and not telling the truth. I was negative at 4 months but I’ve heard of people taking 6 months or longer. I also have heard of people being seronegative and always showing negative on HIV tests. I’m severely scared and I need some advice please help!!! Should I get a RNA test done or more 4th generation tests? Please help.

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 None on 07th August 2020

Hello I hope my story helps. I deal with anxiety as well. And i'm sad to say that it's the reason i found your story. I had an incident with someone as well. And I began to believe that I'd contracted HIV. I had no reason to believe this. I began looking on the internet for answers. That was the worst thing i could do. At 12 weeks i took a 4th generation test and it was negative. I am working hard to accept and be happy about those results and move on. In your case, anxiety is the disease. It's probably what caused you to make the sexual decisions you made. It can grasp many aspects of your life. In the future, you must make decisions that won't cause you additional stress. You must also let go of some control. The tests are correct. You are okay, you are safe. You are worthy of good health and this mistake won't define your life. In my case I knew the person was negative. I allowed my mind to carry me into stress and worry. DON't DO THIS. I'm still battling everyday. Hopefully sharing my story will help you. Seek counseling, this will help you understand why you made the mistake. It will also help you slowly move past and accept the results. YOU ARE LOVED and WORTHY OF GOOD HEALTH AND A HAPPY LIFE! STOP TESTING! YOU'RE OKAY! Love and light my anxious one.

Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 12th March 2019

Hi BeyondAnxious98 There is no chance that the tests were performed too early to be conclusive. Antibody seroconversion is completed by 12 weeks. If you had symptoms at the time of testing then you must have had antibodies and the test would have detected at this point. 6 months is not a correct window period for HIV tests. I hope that this answers your question. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

 None on 09th March 2019

Hello I wanted to know my chances. Being possibly infected is still on my mind. My doctor ran an hiv screening with a lab at 20 weeks or 5 months and it was negative. I keep hearing 6 months. What are the chances of my result changing in those 3-4 weeks. I’m severely nervous. I just want all of these feelings to end!!! I even went to the extent of donating whole blood and plasma. They were both accepted but I’m still feeling unsure. Symptoms have been bothering me as well.

Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 24th February 2019

Hi BeyondAnxious98 Thanks getting in touch again. You are absolutely not alone in your anxiety over possible HIV infection. In your situation I would NOT recommend any form of additional testing, it will not help you. I don't doubt your fear, however, there is absolutely no chance at all that all of the tests you have taken could all be wrong. A 4th generation lab test at 16 weeks would be ABSOLUTELY CONCLUSIVE. These tests look for p24 antigen, a viral protein which is not dependent on your body's reaction to the infection and is present from about 3 weeks after infection, and antibodies to HIV at the same time. These tests are incredibly sensitive. You have had 4 of these tests, all negative, so you can conclusively say that you are negative. I completely empathise with your situation but know that your anxiety around your HIV status is completely misplaced on this occasion. Please accept your negative HIV status and put this incident behind you. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

 Used on 24th February 2019

Hello this is the writer who posted the story above. I’m barely reading your response, but due to anxiety at 18 weeks I had another HIV test and it was negative. Then at 19 weeks I received another rapid test and it was negative. I’m just so scared because I’ve read stories of people taking 6 months or longer. I’ve had 12 HIV negative tests throughout the 19 weeks which is almost 5 months I’m just so anxious about the tests not detecting anything. What can I do!!!! I’m going out of my mind

Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd
 Work on 05th February 2019

Hi BeyondAnxious98. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope that I am able to put your mind at rest. A 4th generation test is conclusive from 4 weeks post exposure because the test looks for antigens and antibodies and a 2nd generation test will be conclusive from 12 weeks post exposure as they do not look for the virus itself they look for antibodies to HIV. If a person has produced antibodies then the test will detect them, but because of how immune systems work, people produce these at different times and rates after contracting the virus. With the tests you have performed the chances of 1 test giving a false negative is extremely low, 6 is virtually impossible. I would recommend against re-testing as this is only going to prolong your acceptance of your negative result. I say this a lot and I know it is easier said than done however you have done the correct thing by testing now you need to accept your negative status and move on from the incident. I hope this has helped and please don't hesitate to contact me further. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

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