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After six months of driving myself crazy I finally plucked up the courage to decide to get a test didn’t want to go to test centre so this was perfect option and thankfully was a negative test.

This is a truly great product that I am thankful I bought it and that its on the market.

Good luck to anybody ever buying one and don’t hesitate. It comes in a small gray package and very easily to use.

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 Used on 11th May 2018

I have been worried about getting tested for a long time, knowing i may have put myself at risk. i was too scared to go to a clinic. the test came from amazon super quick, i awaited less than 24 hrs to pluck up the courage and getting myself ready for a result nobody wants. in the end the worry was for nothing, i haven't actually put myself at that much risk, obviously I'm pleased with the result, and will now continue to stay safe and test myself more regularly. thank you for this self-test option:)

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