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I am straight and been through all the anxiety everyone else went through.

I decided to get tested. Ordered BioSure. Test is very simple, easy to follow instructions. And results came out negative. I am so glad I did test. The 15 minutes wait is nerve wracking, however I think you see the first line almost immediately. What should you do in those 15 minutes? Well I had a couple of cigarettes and some shots of vodka (not that i am a heavy drinker or smoker, but it did help). Its such relief. I feel much lighter and confident. I hope everyone who gets tested is negative (which probably 99% of you would). After the test is negative, I recommend you pay some gratitude to your loved ones, buy a present or just be nice, say some kind words.

The downside, the test should always be delivered next day, why charge extra for that? People are anxious and the wait doesn’t help.

Love and peace to all.

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 Used on 15th March 2016

Thank you for your feedback, unfortunately we are in the hands of Royal Mail for our deliveries and everything is sent 1st class as our standard way of sending orders, the cost of which is absorbed within the price. Over 95% of orders are received next day and it is something we review regularly as we understand the distress that can be caused waiting for an delivery. The Guaranteed before 1pm Next Day delivery option that is offered is the only way we can guarantee next day arrival (this is optional at an additional charge). It's a shame it is an expensive option but we charge this at cost from Royal Mail and there's nothing we can do about the price. We have discussed with other couriers but Royal Mail are the best providers and most cost effective for this service. Love and peace to you too, take care

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