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HIV Self Test - 'why I chose self-test at home'

I could have gone to Dean Street Express in London. Amazing people and service, but on this occasion I’d convinced myself I’d contracted HIV.

I didn’t want sympathy if I had. I would’ve gone to pieces, and that doesn’t help me come to terms with anything, which is why I chose to self-test at home.

The package was very discreet, and the accompanying instructions both clear and reassuring, even comforting.

The result was a relief: knowing HIV is just a manageable condition in 2015, I wasn’t worried about getting a positive result; I was worried about the prospect of having put others at risk.

A negative result is far from what I expected, but that’s what I got, and I’m so relieved. I just hope these new HIV Home Testing kits, which don’t require sending away for a result, encourage more people to finally get tested.

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