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hiv self test.. rest the worried mind

So for years ive been worried about my sexual health. Too scared to talk about it to my gp or go to the gum clinic. When i found this test was available i bought it to ease my mind. Very easy to use… the longest 15 mins ive ever waited. Got my result… now my mind is at rest. ☺ so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Thanks guys for making this test available!

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 Used on 03rd November 2015

I want to congratulate those who developed this test. It is quick easy to use and reliable. I have just done a test and would recommend it to anyone. It is better to know the result either way so you can take control of your own health, either to get the healthcare you need or to know your status and change your behaviour. If you are thinking twice about it.... Don't, just do it!

 Used on 29th September 2015

I have not been tested since 2011 and not always practiced safe sex in the time that has passed. The thought of attending a GUM clinic terrifies me so I chose the home test option. I carried out the test in the comfort of my own home and was so relieved when it turned out to be negative as I had convinced myself the result would be the opposite. I am now determined to only practice safe sex in the future.

 Used on 14th September 2015

I've taken 13 tests since the possible exposure I had and after some worrying symptoms, they've all been negative but I just can't get past the worry that I still think I could be positive even after so many tests. After reading all the reviews and comments on here I'm maybe closer to accepting the fact that maybe I am definitely negative.

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