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Extremely Worried 1



Hiv results/symptoms

I had sex with a Ukrainian lady on the 9 June 2021 all protected oral and vaginal (she supplied the condom).

The lady I had sex with I only had contact via WhatsApp. I asked her if she had regular std test to which she replied yes and tried to ring me which I missed and subsequently lost rhe messages and number so can’t contact her. Could she have done something to the condom to allow hiv to spread to me. I couldn’t tell if there was anything wrong with it when she put it on or when I pulled out when I finished.

19/6 10 days later I started to feel ill, nausea sick feeling frequent urination loss of hunger sweat smell penis aching hip, pressure in stomach and lose bowls.

21st June undertook a gonerea and clamidya test which was subsequently negative however, symptoms continue.

Symptoms continue and now getting testicular pain as well as pressure in lower stomach, nausea, headaches and generally an achee in my armpit, neck and groin area as well as general muscle ache. I ring 111 and they provide antibiotics for uti which I believe is helping the frequent urination and aching testicles.

14/9 I undertake a Biosure hiv test which is negative after 67 days/9.4 weeks and then repeat the following day which again is negative 68 days |9.7 weeks.

With the symptoms I’m having does this suggest hiv or can I take the test results as a very good sign I don’t have hiv as your website states 4 weeks after exposure about half of people have made the antibodies, by 6 weeks after exposure this goes up to about 95%, however some people don’t make these antibodies until up to 12 weeks after infection.

At almost 10 weeks since exposure if I have hiv I must be one of only a few people that fall within the 5% and in fact c2.5% that hasn’t tested positive until after 10 weeks?

New symptoms – dry cough, tight chest, stamping and general achee in armpit and neck, white coated tongue.

Please advise I’m going out of my mind with worry!


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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 17th August 2021

Hi Extremely Worried 1, Sorry to hear that you are experiencing those symptoms. A negative test result at 68 and 69 days is a really good indication of your status as it is very likely that you are in that 95% of people who produces antibodies by 6 weeks however you must retest at 12 weeks using a BioSure test for a conclusive result. If you are too anxious to wait the 12 weeks to use our test, you can always do a clinic/lab test and get your result confirmed sooner. Hope you feel better soon, if you have any other questions please leave them below. All the best, Becky

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