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My knowledge of hiv was very slim until recent times.

I read up about HIV online and I learned that the virus can be transmitted not only through blood but through other body fluids like semen and vaginal fluids. I read and learned about seroconversion. I learned this is like a flu after exposure.

I thought back to an encounter I had. There was no intercourse but I did give the man oral sex and that was unprotected.

I became sick about 5 days afterwards. I thought it was food posioning at the time. But then after reading about HIV and seroconversion, my mind began to race.

I put it to the back of my mind, intending on getting tested. I read about the local store clinic and opening times. Opening times didn’t suit me very well due to a hectic schedule in work many times. Life got in the way so many times for me to get tested.

I had a week off in March and I was ready to go in and get tested but unfortunately work rang me and I couldn’t continue with my plans.

That’s when I took to Google and googled HIV home test UK to see if there was anything available from the UK. I’m from Ireland so options are limited to stop clinics and there is something relatively new from an online pharmacy. A home test where you take a sample and you mail it to a lab in Dublin. Money is tight so that option was out for me.

So I found the BioSure self test online and I ordered one. With currency exchange and postal costs, it came up to 50 euro and it was the best 50 euro I ever spent.

The test cames about 5 working days later. It was very easy to use. My result was negative. I did worry about how I was going to dispose of this when I was done. The hiv home test kit came with a small grey sealable bag for disposal. That was a lovely surprise.

All in all, I was very happy and pleased with the home test kit.

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 Used on 27th May 2017

I highly recommend the Biosure test. I have just completed mine in the privacy of my own home, with a large glass of wine. Like most people I have had unprotected sex, with more than one partner, some I would consider afterwards to possibly be high risk, which I panicked about afterwards. I've worried about HIV for a long time, it's the not knowing which really gets to you, but I was always so scared to get tested, so put it to the back of my mind. What really made me buy this test was a programme recently on TV called "The truth about HIV". These days you are better knowing than not because the treatment is so amazing. So I plucked up the courage to order Biosure online and took the test this evening. I'm not going to lie, I was nervous, my heart was beating so hard and I couldn't stop shaking. However it's so quick and easy to use. As I waited the 15 minutes for the result I watched TV and poured myself another wine! I was very relieved to find the result was negative. However, if it's positive, like they say, HIV is 3 letters and not a sentence. #knowyourstatus.

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