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HIV 1 & 2 Symptoms

Hello I’m wondering if you could help me tested negative with the biosure test kit at 13 weeks from exposure. it is now the 16th week and I have developed a non itchy red rash all over my chest and have a sore throat and ulcers. I believe I was exposed to HIV 2 not HIV 1 maybe is it possible that I have delayed serconversion should I retest as I am very worried now as I cant see it being due to anything else.

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Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 08th January 2020

Hi Help 55, Your negative result at 13 weeks would be conclusive. Our test has a 12 week window period and tests for both HIV 1 and HIV 2. If you are still worried, you can visit a clinic for further advice. Kindest regards, Becky, BioSure UK LTD

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