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Girlfriend asked me to take the test

I recently started a new relationship and my partner took a HIV test at a clinic soon after we met. Her’s came back negative and she asked if I would do the same.
I agreed, even though I’d never considered taking the test, never thought I had HIV – it felt strange, the thought of taking the test. I looked online at clinics but, what with work commitments and the thought of actually rocking up at one of these places, it somehow didn’t seem to sit right with me..then I stumbled upon this home test.
As I’m sure many of you did, and the reason why some might be reading this post now, I did as much research as I could on this product – “was it really safe and accurate”. After many hours of reading, I came to the conclusion that this test was legit and so I ordered one online. It’s a fast service.
Now, I must admit it was a very interesting 15 minutes wait.. I had read and re-read the instruction( I recommend everybody do this until he/she is confident of the procedure) until I was sure of what I was doing and then I took the plunge. Everything happened just how it was described in the pamphlet that comes with the test, which was comforting. The result was very clear and easy to read.
Even if you think you aren’t at risk, it’s nice to know for sure. If you are anxious about your past sexual experiences, this is a good way of putting an end to that and moving on with your life. If you are nervous, maybe you could take the test at home with a close friend for company, or a trusted member of your family. I chose to do it on my own, but that’s just me.

It’s a good product, in my opinion.

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