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Scared of getting tested? - PLEASE READ

To those scared of getting tested, please read, I have also been scared of being tested, I hope sharing my story helps anyone going through the fear of getting tested.

I moved to the US after marrying my ex husband, then one night I found him on all these dating sites, what shook me to my core was when I found out he had been meeting men for sex too, I was terrified as he has previously served some years in prison prior to meeting me and I read that the statistics was something like 1 in 7 incarcerated men in prison were HIV positive, and my mind went into overdrive, it also meant that it was likely he had engaged whilst in prison too.
For months I was just in pieces convinced I had HIV, I would spend hours reading about the symptoms, joined forums, I was so scared of getting tested, I was in a mess, I got rashes, purple bruises, had most the symptoms associated with HIV, I left my ex, flew back to the UK and got a divorce and started to rebuild my life, but it was always in the back of my mind, and honestly it was like mental torture.
Then one day my ex’s sister sent me a family photo of her and my ex at a family reunion, he looked so happy, I really felt he had destroyed my life, and I thought why should I be miserable and let this one person and me not getting tested control my life?
Life is too short to live in fear, I didnt want to go to a GUM clinic or to my GP to get tested, as I knew it could take some time to get the results and I also find the questions they ask you to be very personal and pointless as regardless of the risk they test you anyway.
I ordered the test online and received it within two days, I had told my best friend what had happened and she helped me with the test, I know its pretty straightforward but my head was all over the place, it was a long 15 minute wait and the result was NEGATIVE!
I have never felt so happier, now I can move on with my life, I am so thankful, and I hope that anyone going through what I went through reads this and gets themselves tested, its always best to know then not to know your status.
God bless xxxx

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Brigette @BioSure
 Used on 14th July 2017

Thank you so much for your very powerful post. There are still so many people who are against self testing for HIV, but we always explain self testing is just another choice for how someone can find out their status. You are so right to say that the important thing is knowing - however scary that might be. HIV is completely treatable now and a one tablet per day regime means the amount of virus in your blood can become so low it is actually UNDETECTABLE. This means your own health is then protected and also transmission no longer happens - but this can only happen IF you know your status. Well done for taking control and moving forwards with your life. We wish you every happiness

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