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Finally got tested

I have been putting this off for years because I haven’t been very sexually active and the few times I had anal sex have always been with condoms.
However, since there is still a slim chance of getting HIV during oral sex I recently became worried as I had been struggling to get rid of a cold for the past few weeks. The test came out negative.
I’m glad this kit exists as it relieved me from broaching the subject with my GP.
Given the high infection rate among gay men in the UK (for London it’s 1 out of 8 sexually active gay men) the awareness of this kit needs to be raised.

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 Used on 02nd July 2016

My test was negative, I do like the fact of this test, and I'm sure more people would use this! It's confidential and discreet, it can be done in your own home. Great job guys!

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