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Finally can sleep with no doubt

It was the most stressful 15 minutes in my life , I couldn’t stop my hands shaking during test. But negative result made me peace of mind. The best spent £30 in my life.

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Don't diagnose yourself using Google.
 Used on 02nd February 2016

I have been living in fear for years thinking that I could have been infected with HIV. I was married for 14 years but my wife had cheated, and so had I throughout our relationship. Although my ex wife of 14 years had regular tests I never did out of fear of maybe knowing someone in the clinic, and the fear of being positive. I used her as a kind of Guinea pig which is stupid and wreckless. All sorts ran through my mind, and Google's HIV symptoms made it 1000 times worse. Such as, do I feel tired, have you ever had a rash, do you sometimes sweat at night. I am a yes to all of these and it made my fear so much worse. I decided after years of feeling this way enough was enough, and I came across this test and within one day it had arrived. I did the test straight away, and after a very fearful 15 minutes that included a lot of preying, crying, and shaking, the test came back negative. I was so relieved and truly felt instantly like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My advise to anyone out there would be to man up and take the test, without suffering the fear and all the worry like I did. It is always better to know and I wish I knew earlier than what I did.

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