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Faint line appear after next day

Hi. I bought 3 unit of icare hiv rapid test kit. I tried for the first kit. Within 30 mins there’s only 1 line at control. I believe it’s negative. But i kept it for peace of mind purpose. Next day i re check back the kit. There’s a faint line at T. It wasn’t red/pink/purplish colour but more like a faint line. I panicked so much. Then I immediately try out the other 2 kits left. Within 30 mins it came back negative which is 1 line at C. And i kept it as well to see whether it will appear similar faint line purpose. Next day i re check back. It appear a faint line on T as well for the 2 kits. I seek so much information on google but it doesn’t help me much. Because i searched and google said regardless how faint the line is, as long there’s 2 line means positive.

Is this faint line appearing next day case common to u ? Am i the only person who complaint about it ? Please help me. I just need some one to talk with.

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Becky Smith, BioSURE UK LTD
 Work on 19th December 2019

Hi MaxStress, Since this is not our test, I am unable to comment on your results and I would recommend to get in contact with the manufacturer of iCare to find out more about your test results. However, you have taken a massive step in finding out your status. Kindest regards, Becky, BioSURE LTD

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