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Extremely worried

I bought the test a year ago and traveled back home to Ghana but did not use it because I was too scared. It expires by May 03.

I finally got around to using it two nights ago and tested negative (one line). Last exposure was 2018 (torn condom) twice and I’ve had almost all symptoms since 2019: swollen LN – armpit, groin, neck, occasional fevers, seborrheic dermatitis, muscle fasciculations everywhere, tingling, burning sensations, random lancinating jabs of needle like pain, sore throat, deep muscle pain, muscle weakness, finger numbness, abdominal rash, itchy face and scrotum, oral ulcers, chest pain and costochondritis.

My question is this:
-is the test still accurate considering the fact that it was about to expire?
-is it valid considering that I live in a very hot country (>30 degrees centigrade days). The test kit was stored unopened in a wardrobe, not under direct sunlight.
-does the test check both HIV 1 and 2 and all subtypes?
-do I have to do a confirmatory test?

I am extremely worried now as I have just seen a post by Pain 60 who used the Biosure 5 times and turned positive with a lab test.

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 Used on 09th April 2021

Hello, I did a confirmatory fourth gen test (Alere Determine) at the lab with both HBV and HCV. All came out negative. I was really concerned especially as I had symptoms (the most concerning being fasciculations, neuropathy and persistent lymphadenopathy (>2 years). Though self-limiting, my whole body twitched and sometimes I felt like there was an earthquake. At some point last year I had symptoms of mononeuritis multiplex and allodynia. I still have though mild. Also my ex came down with seroconversion symptoms (general malaise and severe palatal ulcers that she couldn’t eat). She also complained of pins and needle sensations and feeling weird. I was really scared even though we only ever had protected sex. Also the sharp deep needle like muscle pains. I really needed to know and confirm my status finally as I’m applying for a job as a healthcare professional and would be denied and unable to work for the rest of my life if I had tested positive. Sadly there’s still a huge HIV stigma. Safe to say the Biosure Test worked and having a negative result gave me the confidence to do a healthcare based test. This is finally over and I can put this behind me and investigate the cause of my symptoms - hickums dictum or Occam’s razor. Thank you for this. Extra extra safe henceforth.

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