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HIV self-testing - know the facts and have your say
 on 27th April 2015

For the first time, home HIV self-test kits with the internationally recognised CE Mark are now available. These are not the "self-sampling" kits that have been around for a while (the ones when you take a sample and send it off  to a laboratory  for testing). They are kits you use to do your own test at home and get your own result. See the National AIDS Trust "know the facts" leaflet for further information about home self-testing. Want to comment or raise an issue? Join the anonymous discussion.
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Share your experiences of using the test
 on 27th April 2015

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 Used on 17th February 2016

Hi everyone, I had an unprotected relation followed by an angina (4 weeks after) two years ago. At that time, it didn't mean anything to me. I was 20 years old, in perfect health condition and couldn't even think of contracting HIV. A year later, i saw a documentary about AIDS and suddenly, it hitted me. I could be HIV positive, but I've told my self "no, not you, it's not possible. And all that stuffs you convince yourself with. Until the time I couldn't sleep because I was thinking "and what if I was positive". After 3 days of insomnia a bought the self kit. It took me 2 days after receiving it to be brave enough to and to actually do it. The wait was terrible -even if it's only 15 minutes- and when it was time to check the result it was even worst. I'm lucky to say that I'm negative but it has been a really thought journey that I couldn't share with anyone. Only bad aspect of the self test, no doctor to talk to.

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