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Drunk sex

I live in a quiet area of  Scotland. I got drunk 1 night not long ago and started messaging a guy on a gay chat app. We spoke most of the day and he said he had some mates coming over if I wanted to join them.
I was reluctant at first but after a bottle of wine I thought about going over. He was very persuasive and so I booked a cab. So I arrived and was quickly greeted at the door by 3 men who ushered me in to the sitting room where there were 4 other guys. I was introduced as the bottomer which quickly heightened the atmosphere of the room which was quite small with 8 men in there.i got a drink and went to sit down on a free seat when I got pulled onto a guys lap and he started kissing me. I felt everyone’s hands on me trying to undress me so I helped a bit rather shyly. They each took turns having sex withe me when I heard the door go another guy arrived to greet me I never felt so wanted. We were at it most of the night and cannot remember how many guys were there? I woke up with 3 of them in bed and took the opportunity to get home to my wife. I went for a blood test and got the all clear. I was so delighted.

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