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doubt in reading results

Hi, I took a self test last week at home but i am a bit unsure about the result. Within the first 15 minutest, while the test was in execution in vertical position, only the control line appeared. It came out almost immediately and no other line showed up. However, after the 15 minutes i laid down the test as shown in the manual to read the result and after a couple of minutes a red mark showed up at the bottom of the visible area (way lower than where the test line should be).
A day or two after i looked at the test again and the mark was gone, while the control line was still there.

I wonder, is that mark a line or a just a sample from my blood?
Is the test line supposed to show up within the first 15 minutes of the test execution (while still in vertical position) or is it necessary to lay it down to trigger the line?
Is the test line supposed to show up a that exact position shown in the manual (i guess so) or it can appear at the bottom of the visible area?
Thanks for your help

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 15th March 2018

Dear Beebowl Thanks for getting in touch with us. The lines can only appear in the positions shown in the instructions for use. The red mark is a common thing. The mark is caused by the migration of red blood cells from your sample. They can cause a red smudge at bottom of the strip. This is not a line. The test result you describe is negative. The test can run standing up (vertical) or lying down (horizontal). We advise running the test left standing upright. I hope that this answers your questions. Kind regards Gary Carpenter

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