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Hi. Is it possible that my body don’t produce antibodies to HIV ? I have had oral sex about 5 years ago. 3 years after did 2 BioSure tests, both negative. Year after Mylan autotest vih, negative. As far as I know BioSure and Mylan detects antibodies to HIV. Is it possible that my body don’t produce antibodies?

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 30th July 2020

Hi Andy, If your exposure was 5 years ago, you would not be experiencing symptoms of HIV now. Seroconversion occurs 1-3 weeks after initial infection. False negatives are very rare but do happen, mot often when users test inside of the window period. Since you tested twice well outside of the window period (12 weeks), I would say that your negative results are extremely reliable. We have had a lot of worried people contact us since Pain 60's PEBL post, we have heard nothing since his original post and therefore cannot investigate the matter properly but as mentioned in our reply, 5 negative results all being wrong is extremely unlikely. It is more likely that the lab test, although slightly more accurate due to a healthcare professional performing the test, it is more likely that it was a false positive. Kindest regards, Becky

 Used on 29th July 2020

Hi again. Im writing because I have flu like symtoms, muscle pain, insomnia, sore throat , night sweats. I did 2 BioSure tests about 3 years ago came negative, have adviced from your website that I can relay on the result, but I have read terrible story about user Pain 60. He's got 5 BioSure negative tests and than positive in the lab. Is getting really anxious for me. I'm afraid that your test is useless. I should do lab test 3 years ago, I have to do it now, 5 years after possible risky contact.

Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 28th July 2020

Hi Andy, There is a very very small proportion of people who have extremely low levels or undetectable viral loads. These individuals are known as 'elite controllers', their bodies still produce antibodies but the virus remains undetectable so blood tests are unable to detect measurable levels of the virus in the blood. Our test detects antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2. A very small sample of blood is required to run the test (2.5ul). If you were to be infected around 5 years ago, the BioSURE self test would definitely have been accurately able to detect infection, given the window period (which is 12 weeks for our test). I hope this helps, if you have any other questions please feel free to leave them below. Kindest regards, Becky

 Used on 28th July 2020

Andy it is possible that you can be seronegative and don't produce antibodies to hiv but these are very, very rare cases. I was worried too, but I believe only about 30 reported worldwide. These articles say these are about 1 in Million cases :  -            Last one says 99.9% of people will produce antibodies at 3 months. And "Even more rarely (less than 1 in a million) an infection may not make antibodies. These people have positive viral RNA and DNA."

 Used on 28th July 2020

Hi. It means that BioSure self test would not detected antibodies are smal amount in blood ?

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