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Do I need negative result confirmed?

My exposure was over 2 years ago and I tested recently with Biosure and it was negative. I have not had an exposure since then. Would you advise further testing or would a test after 2 years give a positive result if I was I positive?

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 Used on 27th September 2016

I had 2 bio sure tests. Both came back negative. However my potential exposure was in Thailand with a Thai female who I am completely unaware of her sexual activity and I recently found out there are different strains of HIV-1 around the world. Does the biosure test test for all subtypes of hiv 1?

 Used on 19th August 2016

Hi, thanks for your question. No you do not need to test again if it has been two years since your possible exposure and you got a negative test result. Our test works by detecting antibodies to HIV in your blood and after 2 years these antibodies would definitely be present and detectable. Therefore if you did have HIV you would have got a positive test result. I hope this helps put your mind at rest

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