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Crippling Anxiety

A while ago I started to notice some peculiarities with my body and began the process of self diagnosis…A ridiculous mistake in retrospect. I convinced myself that I had HIV and found it impossible to think about anything else.

The Anxiety and stress became overwhelming and had a massive impact on my health as stress is only too capable of doing, this had lead to skin problems aches and pains etc…All of which in my mind justified my fears.

I did not feel comfortable enough to go to a clinic to get myself tested and thankfully came across the self test kit. After reading the reviews and statements of reliability I was convinced that kit would be enough determine whether HIV was a reality.

Today I completed my test after working up the courage to do so and fortunately the result was negative. The feeling of relief is immense and has given me the confidence and peace of mind I needed to move on.

I know my self diagnosis was a stupid mistake but I am also fully aware that I am not the only one to do it, for others who feel as I did I would absolutely recommend you use the kit because I know how crippling the anxiety can be. Regardless of the result, having that knowledge will allow you to move forward and take all necessary steps to protect yourself and others in the future.

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 Used on 13th January 2016

Worried myself sick for years after a few mistakes when I hadn't used protection,tried to put it out of my mind but every so often,particularly if I was overly stressed, the doubts came others Would have Googled my symptoms or looked up HIV warning symptoms and convinced myself I had the majority of them but never had the courage to go for a test in a clinic.had even looked up tests online but they still involved sending blood away and waiting for the results and I never Brought myself to do it.when I saw this I was so relieved but was actually physically sick with nerves from I ordered it,couldn't think about anything else until it arrived the next day.I done it as soon as it arrived and the 15 mins development time was excruciating,I could only imagine the horror of having to wait days for a result,thought I'd die of stress as it was.thankfully it was negative and I'm still in a state of shock,I'm not even relieved yet as I'd worried for so long it's going to take a while to sink in.this is a godsend to people who are afraid to go to a clinic,but in hindsight if Id gotten a positive result I probably would've needed support straight away and rushing to do it in private would've been a if u are worried do this test,but confide in a loved one just incase you aren't as lucky as me.

 Used on 12th January 2016

Having been promiscuous throughout my early twenties I always protected myself against unwanted pregnancies, though unfortunately not from STDs.I have always suffered severe anxiety and found alcohol as a way to relieve my worries, which in turn led to pretty reckless behaviour regarding my sexual health,iv had a few STD exams at local gum clinics and luckily escaped pretty much unscathed,but when offered hiv testing at the clinics I point blank refused as I couldve coped with something that needed an antibiotic but couldn't have coped with anything was always in the back if my mind,a nagging slow burning doubt -what if? Any time I plucked up the courage to get checked the thought of waiting for a result or a sympathetic doctor telling me its OK put me off completely. I lived in fear ,worrying every time I had a night sweat,or a rash until 10 years on I discovered this sad doctor faces or waiting days for a telephone call to tell me bad news.I could do this in private, deal with the results myself then seek help if needs be..perfect! Well iv just done it,and its negative. Can't believe how I waited so long for this,and tortured myself for YEARS,actually convinced I had it .amazing product,wish it had been available much sooner.Older and wiser now,obviously I have learned from past mistakes,but a great product ,that il hopefully never need to use again!

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