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Control line



can drinking impact result?

I took a test and then control line appeared and was very purple/ solid for half of it and then it was more faded. Is it accurate? I followed all other instructions. Had been drinking the night before so would that have impacted result?

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Control line
 Used on 17th April 2018

So any strength control line is valid? Thank you

Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd
 None on 16th April 2018

Hi control line, I would say that if the control line has appeared your test has worked, however it is always extremely helpful if you would send pictures of your test if you are unsure of your result (to Alcohol cannot effect the accuracy of your result. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 16th April 2018

Hi Control Line Thanks for getting in touch. Alcohol intake has no effect on the reliability of the test result. I hope that this helps to answer your question. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

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