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Clean up some blood

I cleaned up a very small amount of what I think was dry blood on a desk at work.  I forgot to put gloves on but I used antibacterial wipes to clean it up then used hand sanitiser to clean my hand. Should I worry about this or will the wipes kill anything in the blood? It was a well-known brand of wipes.

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 20th September 2021

Hi Worried2021, Dried blood is not a high-risk factor due to the fact that HIV in dried up blood is less likely to be transmissible. Also, HIV does not survive for long outside of the body as it cannot replicate. You should not be worried about your low-risk exposure whilst cleaning up the blood. The wipes would have sterilised the surface and destroyed any trace of the virus (if present in the blood). Hope this helps, kindest regards, Becky

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