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Can’t let go of anxiety

I have tested negative using the biosure test kit. It is 15 months since my last possible exposure. I ended my relationship with an ex who I found out was cheating on me, having several sexual partners throughout our relationship. I felt the need to check my status and it has taken until now for me to actually do this because I did not know who or how many other women he had slept with but working in a touristy area in Thailand and having sex workers at every corner, I was very afraid of what I may not know..
I’ve been consumed with anxiety before testing and ever since. I’m afraid I may have done my test wrong and not sure how reliable my result it. Does the biosure test detect all types of hiv antibodies? Does is matter how small the blood sample is? Although it sounds silly, my sample was taken from a skin wound. I could not bring myself to use the lancet that was provided because I was so sick with anxiety when testing. Regardless, the blood I used (despite being a very small sample and watery) moved up the test and the test ran. A strong control line appeared quickly and no other line. I am just concerned because although my result was negative, I am worried I didn’t use enough blood and I didn’t use the correct method for collecting my blood sample so maybe the blood wasn’t strong enough to show any antibodies and maybe my sample wasn’t strong enough for the test to detect anything..
If any antibodies had been present, would the test have definitely detected them 15 months after exposure?? Can I be certain that my negative result is indeed conclusive and true?
I don’t know if i am worrying about nothing and overthinking and making myself sick and prolonging my agony.. I would be greatly appreciative of any reassurance and to know if my result is reliable and I should move on knowing that my status is negative. I only took one test as I couldn’t bring myself to take another after it took me so long to pluck up the courage to even do one..

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Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd
 Work on 01st May 2019

Hi RubyRuthie, firstly I would like to say that you have done the right thing by testing and it's not always an easy journey, everybody's stories are different. As long as the control line has appeared I can confirm your test has worked. This negative/control line can only appear if you have performed your test correctly and sufficient blood sample has been used. This is there so that the user knows their test has worked as it was supposed to and the result is reliable. Our test will pick up antibodies from exposure from years ago and your result will therefore be accurate. The BioSURE HIV self test is extremely accurate and the chances of a false negative result is very low, given the time since your exposure there is no need to retest and your negative test result is deemed conclusive. For future reference (in case you wish to test again) the lancet is extremely fine and you hardly feel a thing, I would also recommend using the side of your finger as opposed to the tip as there are less nerve endings there which makes the process less painful. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope I have helped put your mind at rest. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

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