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BioSure self test

As someone who likes to get tested (for my own reassurance) having not only the test done at home but also getting the results in 15 mins was ideal. The kit is easy to use and comes in very professional (discrete) packaging.

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Instant results
 Used on 25th April 2017

As someone who likes to get tested regularly, having a test done at home with immediate results is ideal. The anxiety of waiting was the reason I picked INSTI HIV Self Test over BioSure HIV Self Test. The kit is easy to use and comes in discreet packaging.

 Used on 07th July 2016

The test is very professional, easy to use and most importantly it comes in discreet packaging. Also I never could have faced the 7 day wait for the result at a clinic so this ist the perfect alternative. I hope there will be self tests in more European countries soon.

 Used on 14th October 2015

Thanks my result is negative ...

 Used on 13th October 2015

'Regardless of how long after infection' means that once you have the antibodies in your blood they will always be there. So from any time after 3 months (even if it's years later) your test result will always be >99.7% accurate 'Not actual HIV' means the device tests for antibodies in your blood rather than the actual HIV virus itself. I hope that helps Thanks BioSure

 Used on 12th October 2015

What do you mean (regardless of how long after the infection) n ( not actual hiv) ...

 Used on 08th October 2015

Hi, yes our test will detect if you have HIV from any time after 3 months from infection. The test works by detecting if you have antibodies to the HIV virus in your blood (not actual HIV) The reason you have to wait for 3 months after the exposure is that it can take someone that long to produce the antibodies (sero convert) but once the antibodies have been made they will always be present in your blood and would therefore give you a positive test result, regardless of how long after infection. I hope that makes sense, but please ask if you need any further explanation

 Used on 07th October 2015

I had unprotectd sex 2 years ago , im worried . Can biosure test kit can detect if i have hiv infection??

 Used on 26th June 2015

Discrete packaging, clear instructions. I was so afraid of getting tested I couldn't face a GUM clinic or hospital, needed to do it on my own. Early diagnosis can mean this disease wont impact your health or lifespan, so just do it, it is better to know. Amazing treatment options now available. Takes only 15 mins. Negative thankfully, feel so much better to have tested rather than stick my head in the sand.

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