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HIV self test - of course it's stressful

I ordered the test online. Very easy. Of course the whole process was stressful but the clear instructions made sure there was a simple process and helped to calm any doubts and gave me confidence that I was following the instructions correctly. The additional information pamphlet inside goes into the details of how the test works and limitations of the test – this begins to cast doubts however I got a clear negative result and am satisfied with the test. In all honesty I have been too scared to get tested after losing my virginity 12 years ago to a person with unknown hiv status. I have been for std tests but always declined an hiv test because I was afraid of the results. After worrying about hiv for 12 years I was relieved to hear about the self test. The week long wait if I had tested for hiv at a clinic cast additional fear for me and I knew I would not handle the wait for the results very well. I thought I was going to faint doing the test for fear of the results and I was checking every couple of minutes. For me, although self testing was extremely stressful it was preferable to waiting for a lab result.

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 Used on 15th July 2015

It was just checking. I like to have fun safe but still get tested. It's always strange going to the clinic but now you can do so much from home. I was so scared when I received the test, it was easy to do and you get the results in 15mins!! I can live happier now. It tells you how to prevent sti and let's you test for them if needed! Worth it for a happy healthy life.

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