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Biosure HIV self test

I read about the new self test on Monday morning BBC news website, checked out the biosure website, read the instructions of how to use the test, and ordered one at a cost of approx £30 with free delivery, (Guaranteed next day delivery costs £6 extra). I payed with Paypal, so no entering of details, just a few clicks later I was done.

It’s now the next day, Tuesday, test arrives with the postie, he wouldn’t have a clue what it was due to the packaging.

I open the package, re-read the instructions, went and washed my hands, made a mug of Tea, and then sat down and did the test. The lancet did not hurt, only a wee sharp prick and out came some blood after a few seconds, the test tube needed a bit of encouragement to take up enough blood, but it did that easily enough, after firmly placing the end of the test tube in the buffer pot I sat back and enjoyed my mug of Tea.

I checked it was working after a few minutes, it was, after 15 mins, checked the results, test says Negative.

Job Done.

Personally I don’t feel any relief from now knowing I am negative, but I have had some risky experiences in my past, and I should have had a test, long ago, but my fear of syringes has kept me ignorant, or worse yet, complacent, so I am now glad I know for sure that I am negative for HIV.

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 Used on 16th December 2015

Use the self test kit it was quick and did not hurt too much so much better than going to the doctor. Test said that it takes 15 minutes to get results but it actually came a lot quicker.

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