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BlahBlah of London



So much better than going to a clinic

This was brilliant. So much better than going to a clinic and having to wait for hours, especially as there’s no clinics in my area so I have to go to central London. Getting a test you have to wipe out half a day.
This arrived, I did it while chatting to my mum on the phone, result came up it’s good.
Arrived in anonymous packaging, could be anything from Amazon or contact lenses or whatever. My only complaint is that they include a grey bag to chuck it all out in (which is good) but it’s a little too small to take everything. Maybe it would have been fine if I packed it all up again, but I tried screwing it up and fitting it back in and it wouldn’t. Anyway, housemates are none-the-wiser, not that they would care anyway. I would definitely use this service again!

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