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ARS symptoms possible after 11 weeks?

I had a very brief sexual encounter (when I say brief, I mean no longer than 10-15 seconds) with a guy. (I’m female) A week later, I started having symptoms of an STD such as abdominal pain, pain in passing urine and general vaginal soreness. I ordered a chlamydia self test kit. Results came back just over a week later that I was positive. I immediately called the guy who gave it to me and told him that he needs to get treated. He was so sure that he didn’t have it (because he had no symptoms) but accepted that he’d given it to me and apologized. I went to the clinic the next day for treatment. There, the doctor gave me antibiotics and then tested me for other STDs (syphillis, hepatitis b (or c, I’m not entirely sure) gonorrhea and HIV. The guy that gave it to me didn’t go to the clinic for around a week after me. He got treated for chlamydia and was also tested for other STDs. His results came back before me and all was negative. I later got my results and also tested negative for all other STDs. Now, I know that HIV can take a while to appear in your system so I don’t think the tests we did were very conclusive. A couple days ago (which makes it 11 weeks since my last exposure) I started having pretty scary symptoms such as headache, fever/chills and a minor sore throat. I read that ARS symptoms show up 3-6 weeks after exposure so I have two questions:
1. Can ARS symptoms show up 11 weeks post exposure ?
2. I’m going to assume that he’s positive now. Since he tested negative after our encounter and given that I’ve not had any sexual contact with him or anyone else since then, does this mean that he was negative at the time of the exposure therefore making it impossible to pass on? Or could he have had it at the time but not been particularly infectious hence the negative test? Is that possible?

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 17th July 2018

Hi EL122 Thank you for getting in touch with BioSure. With the range of tests that you have had performed, and given that all of the results are negative, I think that it is very reasonable to conclude that you are negative. I hope that this helps. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

 None on 13th July 2018

hiv pcr rna after 24 day negative and elasa after 6 week and 8 week and 10week and 75 day all negative and rapid test after 11 week negative can i relax now or i need another test?

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