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Anxiety of hiv

So after a very brief encounter with a stripper 7 months ago, I have been through hell. Google is possibly the worst invention when it comes to health issues. You can diagnose yourself with pretty much every illness going. I had sex with a stripper, and for less than 1 minute the condom came off. I didn’t think much about it at the time until a week or so later I started to feel very unwell – flu like. She also came down with severe flu and was admitted to hospital. My fears then got the better of me. I was convinced I had contracted HIV. Being so scared I didn’t know who to turn to. Instead I took a biosure test which was negative. What I didn’t realise was the accuracy was limited at the time I took it – at 8 weeks. I retook again after 84 days and it was negative again. I then took a alere duo test at 88 days which was also negative. However still I have symptoms – I get rashes and terrible headaches. Despite my negative tests I’m still convinced I have something. It has ruined the last 6 months of my life. Now 7 months on I have decided to take one final test, which is a full blood test. After all this time I still feel anxious. The results should appear over the next few days. If anyone ever wanted a reason to practice safe sex it is the experience of going through this process of the unknown. I just hope it all ends up with the same negative outcome.

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 Thinking on 07th January 2017

Very worried. I have ordered a test of you, but it has not yet come. I was curious about men so I hit one and we gave each other blowjobs only. After we were finished, in looked in to my mouth and I saw that I had some small cuts in my mouth. He did not come inside my mouth, but I am very afraid of precum have come in contact with cuts. I spat several times while in sucked him, because i didnt wanna swallow my own saliva even. He saidthat he has taken a HIV test and Syphilis around 20 october.2016 but he has meet other guys after the test was done. And thats why now i am afraid That maybe he has been infected by it, and that virus levels were so high that I have managed to be infected by precum his. Me and he met 12.19.2016. I came inside his mouth, but I'm pretty sure he spat it out. But it just shows me that he is not cautious, and therefore I am now afraid that he has done the same with others after the test. He says he feels healthy and have no symptoms. So my problem now is that, I itches almost constantly over the body, but only that. But i dont have any rashes, onlysome red marks on my forehead, but it disappears again. It itches on my head Also-. I am so afraid and regret so much for what i have done. I hope not I have got HIV because of this big mistake that i have made.

Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 28th December 2016

Hi I completely understand your concern about your HIV status. We have probably all done something at some time to put ourselves at risk. And I agree that the internet is a double-edged sword. The tests that you have done already make a very convincing case around your negative status. The symptoms of HIV that you refer to are the effects of what is known as seroconversion - this is the process during which your body starts to produce antibodies to the virus. These symptoms invariably happen within 2-3 months of infection. Both the BioSURE HIV Self Test and the Alere Determine Combo test that you describe detect these antibodies. If the symptoms you describe were due to HIV infection, both of these tests would have been positive. It is virtually impossible that both tests would be falsely negative. I am certain that the additional blood tests that you have requested will come back negative for HIV. I hope that you can very soon put this period of anxiety behind you. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

 Thinking on 28th December 2016

Given the story above what is the likelihood of accurate test results?

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