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Anxiety, depression and sadness

I bought this one yesterday, I’m really hoping will be here before Christmas, last month I been ill with cold sores and candidiasis, my body can’t take more antibiotics on top of this I’m suffering from anxiety and depression. I’m such a mess. Nobody can’t understand my anxiety. Six months ago I went out and had sex with a guy, my first guy after my husband in 20 years, I been in hospital for a urinal infection and can’t stop thinking I have HIV as a punishment for my actions, maybe I deserved it, I’m devastating can’t stop crying and shacking, my GP request some blood test for all kind of illness include HIV but the will be ready until next week and I can’t wait anymore. I just hope Royal Mail deliver on time tomorrow or Friday. I need peace in my heart and mind. I need help please

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 Used on 23rd December 2017

Negative. Thank you to the inventor of this stuff Thank you life and universe To everyone please take care always Love your life now I can have a merry Christmas

 Used on 22nd December 2017

Dear Shakingfear, we're so sorry to read your post. The fact that you have taken a proactive step and taken some control in buying your own self test is a really positive thing, please do view it this way. Nobody 'deserves' any consequence, because of choices they make. Try to be kind to yourself, if you feel something was a mistake then put it down to experience and move on. Maybe it wasn't a mistake and is just something that happened at that time and now you are being hard on yourself. You very much deserve to be happy, everybody does regardless of their circumstances, don't doubt or forget that. New Year is coming up and it is a perfect time to start making changes, you are in charge of your choices and thinking about that might make you feel a little more powerful and in charge. Maybe you could also think about talking to someone and discussing how you feel. Please do take care. Brigette

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