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Anxious American



anxiety about my test result

Hello! 🙂 Anxious American here. I have anxiety about my test result and would appreciate your input! I received a rapid HIV test at a clinic here in the US. I believe it’s the American version of the biosure as it looks almost identical.. I believe it’s called Chembio Sure Check here…

Anyway, I got a negative/non reactive result… but I’ve had a nagging feeling that maybe not enough blood was used… I see on your version of the test it is clearly stated that a control line would not have appeared if there wasn’t enough blood… you’d be surprised that it seems impossible to find anywhere that states that it’s the same case for the Chembio American version…

I just wanted to know if the devices are the same and I can put this fear to rest that there wasn’t enough blood since I got the control line…

I really appreciate any assistance!

-anxious American

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 15th March 2020

Hi Anxious American Thanks for getting in touch and glad that this platform is seen across the globe. However, not sure that I'm going to be much help to you. All negative test results for HIV are encouraging, but I really can't say anything about the Surecheck test that was undertaken on you. BioSure aren't the legal manufacturer of the Surecheck test so it would be total assumption on our part to say anything about it or your result. I can only suggest that you contact Chembio directly. I am sure that they will be only too happy to answer your question and put your mind at ease. Really sorry that I can't help you more and hope that you understand. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

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