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AMAZING service, AMAZING product!

I recently had unprotected sex and then started reading the horror stories that are on the internet, I was making myself sick with the worry that I had contracted HIV and didn’t know. After exploring the internet for an HIV test I discovered BioSure’s HIV self test, after contemplating going to a clinic I realised that I would rather be in control and carry out the testing myself.

I would firstly like to thank BioSure for providing such a seamless service. I ordered my test on Monday morning and on Tuesday the test arrived, discretely in a sealed black bag – it could’ve been anything, even I didn’t know what it was at first. I opened the box and read the instructions which were extremely clear (with images too), I then opened the pouch that contains the test, lancet and a plaster for after. I ran the test… As easy as prick, suck, poke and in 15 minutes I knew my HIV status.

I carried out the test at home in the warm and didn’t even have to face the sub zero temperatures. I couldn’t stress enough how important it is to get tested and how easy this HIV self test is. Thank you again BioSure for your superb product and putting my mind at rest, I am eternally grateful.

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Wasn't sure but glad I did
 on 03rd February 2020

So... I had heard about your test from a friend that said if I didn't want to visit a clinic I could test at home. I wasn't sure whether this was a legal and safe way to test so never really thought anything of it and put the exposure to the back of my mind until I visited the Boots store near my work on my lunch break and I saw the test. I didn't buy it then as I didn't want to walk back into the office with the test but the seed was planted and the anxiety about my potential exposure was back. I googled the test to make sure it was all true as surely Boots wouldn't sell a fake/unreliable product - I was right, the BioSure test had been through numerous tests AND you can legally test from home. I pressed order straight away and I didn't even have to pay for postage. Not even thinking about how it would be delivered I was pleasantly surprised with how discrete the packaging was - a simple grey bag with my name on the label, it literally could've been anything. Anyway, I tested, I waited, I read my result - negative. In 15 minutes my anxiety, worry and stress had literally melted away. I can't thank BioSure enough for your amazing test and the work you are doing, I wish there were more companies like you in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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AMAZING service, AMAZING product!
 on 02nd March 2018

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