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Anonymous Girl



Amazing and so simple to use

Four years ago I had an unprotected encounter and I regret it all the time, I started over thinking about HIV and finally plucked up the courage to order a self test kit from you, thank you so much. I was shaking, tested and it is negative. I know HIV is manageable and can be treated with meds and it was better to know than to not. I am so proud of myself for doing this, finally.. I’ve gained my lease of life again and I can move on knowing my status. I will definitely not be making the same mistake again and sleeping with someone of unknown status! this test is so important, thank you. x

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Mr Greatfull
 Used on 29th May 2019

I suffferred the same torment it ruined my marriage. So glad this kit has shone some light for us both. Finally.

 Work on 12th April 2019

Hi Anonymous Girl. Thank you so much for sharing your story and we are glad you liked our product. Posts like this make me realise how we are changing peoples lives and it is so rewarding. Francesca Bard (BioSure UK Ltd) x

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